Material :Polyethylene (pe), Cloth
Feature :Zipper, Inflatable, Adjustable Strap, Buckled Belt, Maritime Reflective Tape, Whistle
Imprint Method :Screen Printing
Product Size :43X53X0


Qty Needed:

+ Qty.:50

Imprint color:

Imprint Location:

Delivery Country:

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Online Order Process: You can select the products you want from our thousands strong range of products with a simple click of the Customize & Order button. Once clicked you can select the color of the product, the number of colors you want for your imprint, and add any other specifications to make your promotional product individualized for you.

From there just click Process Order to Check Out, but before you Check Out remember, you can order as many different products as you like. When you are ready to check out you just enter your delivery details, the shipping details, and use one of our assortment of options for the processing of the payment. Once this is completed one of our team of artists will set to work and provide virtual proof of your product for your review and your approval.

Production Selection & Enquiry: This is an easy process, find the product for you by looking through our formidable range, and make your selection. Now, just enter the quantity you need. Include the number of products you would like with your imprinted color logo, and you are all set. Add your selection(s) to the enquiry basket, and send on that enquiry to us. You can add as many products as you like to the basket.

Quotation: When your enquiry is sent, it will just take a few minutes (5 minute response time guaranteed) and one of highly trained sales reps will get back to you with an email. Keep an eye on that inbox, and just in case check your spam box too. Your quotation will be ready for you in a matter of minutes. The quote includes the total product cost and of course delivery cost too.

Sample Options and Approval: After your quotation is with you, the next step is getting your sample to you. You will be informed of our free sample options, and free to select the best option(s) for you.

Art Work Approved & Invoice: Once done with the sample process, and you are happy to move forward, we will create your “virtual proof.” Here we place your logo and call to action imprint on the selected product(s) digitally. The digital sample is true to life, it will be provided for your review. Upon your approval we will seek from you the full basic details for your order (Incl delivery address etc) and then invoice you.

Payment: Once these basic details are received, payment for your order can be made. Accepted payment methods include;

Wire Bank Transfer / PayPal / Credit Card via our PayPal Secure Website / and Western Union. In most instances if your order is of high volume, we will be glad to accept a deposit, and then be in receipt of the balance payment when order is ready.

(You will be shown photographic evidence as testament to the readiness of your order.)

On Time Delivery: That is the next stage, and it is what we do. It is how we have built our reputation, and we are continuing to do so, through on time delivery every time. The final stage is your delight, and ultimate satisfaction with the product and service we offer.

Production time: This is the time it takes us to produce the item in the quantity you need. Generally our production time on items is two (2) weeks, but it can be just a few days. We can rush produce if you have an urgent need. The date you need these by is all important, please let us know the date you want them by so we can best meet your needs.

Shipping: We have four (4) shipping options on offer. ‘DHL Air’ ‘Air Cargo’ ‘Sea Shipping’ and ‘Pick Up Delivery.’ Please know you can also use your own shipping company account if you have one. Only the actual cost of shipping is passed onto you, we do not earn anything from the delivery of your goods to you.

DHL Air: This achieves delivery right to your doorstep via DHL Express. It takes 4-5 days to get to you, or to any global location. Here we always accept the option of you using your own shipping account with DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. However, in this instance, the delivery address must be same as address on the account. Please note that any local taxes incurred fees or charges for air shipping are paid by you. In most cases however there are no local taxes because promotional products are not for selling, they are for “gifting.” Your country rules on tax may vary.

Air Cargo: Choosing the Airline Cargo shipping method ensures your products arrive by cargo plane at your nearest international airport where you can pick them up. Just give us the “Country” “City” and “Airport Name.” This method of shipping cuts your shipping costs a great deal (around 30% cheaper than DHL Air), and your goods (once manufactured) arrive in 4-6 Days to your nearest Air Port. At the airport you will be asked to pay “Circa 10%” of the total shipping cost again to have your goods released. This cost is made up of: Warehouse Fees, Customs Bond, Handling / Forwarding and Customs Clearance. Different airports have different costs. If you have a choice of airports to use, then please ask your account manager to give you a re-quote in order to find your best option. Again, just like with the DHL AIR shipping option, in the vast majority of countries no local taxes are due because the goods are for “gifting” and not for selling. Your country rules on tax may vary.

Sea Shipping: Here your shipping method is by sea, with your goods delivered right to your nearest international sea port dock. It is the cheapest delivery option. The downside is that it takes much longer to get your shipment to you by this method. It can take two weeks or more (2-3 weeks) to get to most ports. Just give us the “Country” and “Port Name.” From here you arrange pick up but we will provide you with a “local shipping agent” contact too. The agent will assist you with all paperwork and in getting your products to your door. Please note that the Shipping Agent charges fees for this service, fees that are not covered by your purchase cost with AllPromostore.com With the sea option you may be required to pay local taxes and import duties. Again in most countries the fact that the products are for “gifting” and not for selling means that there should be a waiving of taxes, BUT this varies by country. Different seaports have different charges like Warehouse Fees, Customs Bond, Handling and Forwarding and Customs Clearance. If you have a number of options then please ask your account manager for a re-quote, in order to find the option that best suits you.

Our Quality Promise: We go to great lengths to ensure production is 100% error free; quality control at a constant is our focus. Our items are top quality because we have a highly trained specific department devoted to monitoring production quality. From material stage, to ready stage in our production factories we cover all angles.

At the end of the day, we just like you are still human. In just over 2% of cases we unearth errors, but we take full responsibility in these instances, and maintain those clients, because we go beyond for them, in putting things right.

We have three (3) Sample Types on Offer: ‘Blank’ ‘Imprinted’ and ‘Virtual Sample'

Blank Samples: For added speed in getting your promotion on track, we sometimes offer free blank samples. The sample will not have your logo and message imprinted. In most case it will have another client logo or imprint. These samples are useful in allowing you check our imprint quality. Once a production order is confirmed, any payment you make on the sample, including delivery of same will be refunded to you. The initial cost price will be tiny, so low it is often overlooked. The sample shipment is super fast, delivered to you via DHL Express Shipping. Remember if you already have a shipping account please feel free to use it. We work with UPS, FedEx and DHL. (3-4 Days Process & 4 Days Air Delivery.)

Imprinted Sample: We also offer imprinted samples. These sample product(s) have your imprinted logo and message on them. Again all sample fees incurred are refunded once the full production order is confirmed. There is an imprint set-up fee per each sample product, and your low cost high speed shipping fee too. We need to charge an imprint set-up fee on different products because different products require their own unique imprint methods. You will be kept informed every step of the way. (8-12 Days Process & 4 Days Air Delivery.)

Virtual Sample: This is also offered for free (no money down) but this time your sample is back to you within the hour (can be as little as 30 minutes.) To utilize the “Virtual Sample” all you do is send in your enquiry, and respond to the sales reps’ email when they request your imprint logo file or/and text. The digital image of the product is then enhanced with your imprint as it will appear post production.

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